OYSTERPRENE© : SOÖRUZ integrates oyster shell powder in high-range wetsuits

Aware of the impact of neoprene on the environment, Soöruz has been researching for the last ten years to reduce its environmental footprint by developing new materials based on renewable and/or recyclable materials. Soöruz wetsuits with Bamboo and recycled polyester (2013) in Yulex (2015) and Naturalprene (2016) have been important advances that have confirmed our ability to make high-performance and eco-responsible wetsuits. Limestone is a type of fossil limestone from quarries. It limits the use of petrochemical materials but requires a very energy-intensive and non-renewable extraction process.
In 2018, we carried out the first oyster shell crushing tests in France (in La Rochelle). The results of our research have led to the creation of 2 new materials: BIÖPRENE, mainly biosourced (composed of a mix of Oyster Powder, Natural Rubber, Sugar Cane & Non-Food Vegetable Oil) used in our new GREEN LINE range (marketed since March 2020) and OYSTERPRENE available in our shop since the end of July 2020 on the Guru Pro.

The OYSTERPRENE, is used in our most flexible and high-performance neoprenes that make up our expert and pro ranges. The process consists of replacing limestone by a natural, recycled and renewable powder made from the crushing of oyster shells. This solution does not alter the technical performance of our products and improves their environmental footprint without impacting the price for the consumer. We are pleased to make this innovation available to major brands on the market. It is a great pride to learn that a major will be relying on our technology as early as winter 2020.

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