Soöruz NATURALPRENE 4/3 BIG Zip-Free


The BIG range is 100% eco-friendly, it has been conceived with the goal to reduce its environmental impact. Thanks to Soöruz technologies, the BIG is a wetsuit that is at the same time eco-friendly, warm and performant. Their new Naturalprene comes from forests that are certified by FSC for a sustainable exploitation.


  • Naturalprène FSC

Made with natural rubber coming from forests certified by FSC for a sustainable exploitation, it reduces our wetsuits environmental impact.

  • Inner lining STORM-Dry2

Exclusive to Soöruz, this recycled polyester lining provides warmth, comfort and quick drying.

  • Water based print

Water based ink that doesn’t contain any endocrine disruptors, heavy metals or any chemical and dangerous substances for the environment



  • An eco-friendly protection

The Big is the most eco-responsible fullsuit of the market, a true performant protection against cold

  • Seams reinforcement

Reinforcement patch at the seams intersections and on potential sensible zones. Strips of neoprene G4-Flex to double the seams in order to increase the tightness, resistance and comfort



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