7’4 Displacement Hull EARTH TECHNOLOGIES


Eco Board by Ryan Harris, Earth Technologies

Length  7’4″

Width  22″

Thickness  3″

Volume  59L


Shaped by Ryan Harris, Earth Technologies

Level One Eco Board

Recycled foam is stronger and non-toxic

Zero Waste production

Plant-based, non-toxic resin


The DH provides a whole new way to enjoy the average waves you have on offer. Adding a little bit of shortboard DNA at the tail makes this design work extremely well on a wide variety of waves and conditions. It has low rocker, rolled bottom, and a performance tail with double concave and hard release edges.

This provides speed and turning in waves that have some open face, and it absolutely flies on long high-tide walls. Nothing compares to the feeling of sinking a bottom turn on the DH and then flying up the face in a long arcing top-turn. Step back on the tail to carve a tight radius turn when the wave allows.

Consider the DH as an alternative to your egg or longboard, and put a whole new kind of smile on your face.